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16906 107th Avenue Southwest
Vashon, WA, 98070
United States


Nashi Orchards grows the finest Asian and European Pears and Heirloom Apples to produce award winning perry and hard cider. 


Nashi Orchard Starts The Vashon Island Cider Collorative



Make cider and make a difference.

We are very proud to be a part of the Vashon Island community of farmers and artisans handcrafting delicious products from local sources. Nashi Orchards wants to create an opportunity for everyone to join this movement through the Vashon Island Cider Collaborative. It is a chance to contribute apples to a cider that supports an island non-profit.

Our vision is make a hard cider made solely from apples donated by the community. For your donation you will be able to cast a vote for the Island non-profit to recieve a portion of the sales proceeds when the cider is finished in the Spring of 2015. These three organizations enrich our community and are the possible benficiaries:

The Vashon Land Trust

The Vashon Fruit Club

Vashon Allied Arts Scholarship Program 

In addition to supporting an island organization, this effort helps close the sustainability loop. The pommace from the pressings will feed local livestock and elimination of excess fruit will help reduce over-wintering pests that can effect all island agriculture.

In 2013, we recieved about 800 pounds of apples from friends and neighbors that produced 50 gallons of a crisp, tasty cider. In 2014, our goal is to get 100 boxes of donated fruit.

Get involved!

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